Downtown Hendersonville

Downtown Hendersonville isn’t just any Downtown

Historic Downtown Hendersonville The Charming City of Hendersonville has spent years and many dollars in revitalizing the Downtown area. Today it is an area that many enjoy, whether locals or visitors. All of the Buildings have been restored, proudly showing off plaques with their history. Sidewalks are new and lined with large planters, spilling color all along Main Street. Trees planted over the last few years are now lining streets with shade. This summer the last block on Main Street is nearing completion.

You will be able to walk from the top of Main to the bottom and back, and get in a 2+ mile walk. Early mornings find many people doing just this. The Downtown is pet friendly, and many have their furry friends with them on these early morning walks.

Along Main Street you will find local entrepreneurs selling a wide variety of products, ranging from sporting goods and music, to art and kitchen wares, and even clothing for your favorite pet!

Historic Downtown HendersonvilleDowntown Hendersonville offers a wide array of eating choices.  Cuisine ranges from from Tai to Soul, to Cajun and Chinese. We have old fashioned Soda Fountains and Diners, Elegant Dining, Ice Cream and Candy stores, many sidewalk cafe’s and dessert galore. There are too many great local pizza places to list, all very good. You can dine formally or casually, there are plenty of choices for any mood.

And we are very lucky to have two of the finest bakeries right here in town. On the North side of Downtown is The Underground Bakery on 7th Avenue, and on the south side in Flat Rock you will find the Flat Rock Bakery. Both have fantastic breads of all kinds as well as pastries. You will just have to try them both to see which one is your favorite!

Pull up a bench and stay a while. Enjoy the food and the flowers and the clear blue skies of Western North Carolina!

Call Pat for more information about the Hendersonville area.

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